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It’s a new season, so treat yourself to a new look! Turn heads this Fall and save a little green on our cool Sacred Garden hats as we to make room for new inventory. So belly-up to the merch section and make sure to grab a hat next time you’re in the store.

Our Egyptian/Alien Trucker Hats are now $10.99


Sacred Garden embroidered hats are yours for only $13.99


Black Marshmellow and Lilac Diesel THC Heavy-Hitters

Ask any medical cannabis user and they’ll tell you: any strain that tests over 25% is a breed apart. So we’d like to take a moment to congratulate our grow and harvest team on Black Marshmellow (Indica, 30% THC) and Lilac Diesel (Hybrid 50/50, 29.03% THC).

“While it’s impossible to chart a direct course to hitting such a high THC level every time,” said Chris Gonzales, Grow Team Manager, “Sacred Garden’s organic growing practices make the path much clearer.”

Lilac Diesel

Look for Lilac Diesel and Black Marshmellow at all Sacred Garden locations statewide, but you may wanna call first as inventory has been moving fast. “Most locations are low to out of stock by Thursday,” reported Matt Baker, Director of Retail Operations. “Our patients love it so much we can barely keep it on the shelf.” Visit us today and see why Sacred Garden is New Mexico’s Premier Medical Cannabis Dispensary.

Assist, strengthen, and stimulate your immune system, and boost its response to any viral or bacterial attack in the body. Pick up some of our Immune System Booster today and help your immune system function at its optimum potential.

What is Caviar?

Some need a micro-dose and well… others need a macro-dose!

Caviar, also know as Moon Rocks, are buds of flower dipped or covered in a sticky extract, then rolled in kief. Most caviar usually clocks in at least 30% THC. “It’s definitely not for everyone,” believes Carla Padilla, manager at Sacred Garden Las Cruses. “But for those who seek maximum relief, there’s nothing better than caviar.” For best results, store your caviar in a cool dry place to avoid a sticky mess. To smoke, pack your pipe or bong about half way with regular flower and then add a small layer of caviar — a little goes a long way. Enjoy, “Caviar” is the ultimate smoking experience.

Green Jean Name Change

Green Jeans Farmery is now Green Jeans Food Hall. Same cool place now with a cooler name. Visit our Sacred Garden location there and stay for a bite and a brew at Santa Fe Brewing Company. Green Jeans’ vibe is perfect for just sitting still and taking it all in.






















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