Our Mission

Sacred Garden was founded with the mission to bring high-quality medical cannabis products to those in need of natural pain relief and healing in New Mexico. Since our founding in 2010, we have remained true to our mission, offering quality natural remedies, exceptional customer service, and patient education.

Sacred Garden continues to carry on the mission started by founder Zeke Shortes—to provide high-quality cannabis and cannabis-derived medicine to patients in New Mexico. As the number of people seeking effective and sustainable alternatives to mainstream medications grows, we intend to grow—grow potent strains, grow our product offerings and grow our reach.

With the advent of recreational sales in New Mexico on April 1, 2022, Sacred Garden cannabis will be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

We are Home Grown

Sacred Garden started life as a seed of health and wellness in the mind of founder Zeke Shortes. Initially, Zeke cultivated this seed by working for Whole Foods, delivering natural, organic nutrition to his community. As his idea grew, Zeke envisioned becoming a producer of natural, organic health remedies that went beyond nutrition to achieve the relief of pain and suffering. Having experienced through friends and family the astounding healing properties of cannabis, his destination was set.

In 2009, upon learning that the New Mexico State Legislature was about to approve the legalization of medical cannabis, Zeke moved to Santa Fe; through perseverance and commitment, he was the sixth person to be awarded a license to produce and distribute medical cannabis from the New Mexico Department of Health.

We are Innovators

Zeke viewed his good fortune as more than just a business opportunity—it was a way to implement his vision of producing pure, natural, unadulterated medicinal products. Utilizing land on a family ranch, Zeke began cultivating cannabis and delivered his first remedies to a handful of clients in 2010.

Owing to Zeke’s passionate pursuit of perfection, Sacred Garden quickly gained a loyal following. Our relatively quick success enabled us to open our Santa Fe dispensary and staff it with compassionate and knowledgeable employees. And we continue to grow…

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