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Bud, nugs, or flower offer versatility of consumption methods, including smoking by way of a pipe, bong, joint or blunt. Divided into indica, sativa, and hybrids. The loose flower is free of stems, leaves, or seeds. For storage purposes, it’s best to avoid exposure to heat, moisture, oxygen, and UV light as much as possible. Used for treating cramps, nausea, migraines, seizures, stress, inflammation, pain, and more, flower is the most popular choice.

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Pre-Rolls offer consistency and convenience. You don’t need to be an expert at rolling, spend extra time preparing, or wonder what you’re getting. Everything is all set, just perfect, and properly labeled. They are portable, no mess, and require no extra equipment. Simply light the end, inhale, and enjoy locally sourced cannabis. If you’re trying something new, buy only a single pre-roll. But if you’re confident in your choice, you can buy a whole pack.

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Concentrates include batter, shatter, sugar wax, diamonds, HCFSE (terpene sauce), live resin, and crumble and offer unmatched flavor profiles and a healthier consumption option. Concentrates provide the most valuable chemical components of the cannabis plant and minimize exposure to carbon monoxide during consumption. You benefit from exceptional potency and terpenes, along with immediacy and long-lasting effects. The primary consumption methods are dabbing and vaping.

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Vapes are designed to heat cannabis oil to the level of vaporization. The vapor is more effective at transference to the cannabinoid receptors by way of the respiratory system. Vapes are steadily gaining popularity as an odorless, more discrete option and offer lots of varieties and exceptional flavors and terpenes. They’re also portable and easily accessible, fitting right into your pocket, and there’s no need for a lot of extra equipment.

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Capsules provide the benefits of smoking medical cannabis without any of the odor, extra gear, or irritation of the lungs. They are neatly packaged, portable, precisely labeled, easily consumed, and wonderfully discreet. Capsules can be separated into exact doses, allowing complete control over how much THC or CBD you are consuming. Buy in singles or packs of ten, twenty, or thirty, choose from 12, 30, or 50 mg, and select from indica, sativa, and hybrid options.

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Cannabis-infused foods and drinks have been consumed to treat various ailments as far back as 1000 B.C. Gaining acceptance as a natural treatment, oils, pills, tinctures, gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and more are prescribed to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression and relieve nausea, poor appetite, and weight loss associated with cancer. They are easy, discreet, and provide slow onset and long-lasting effects. We recommend starting with small amounts, low doses, and learning exactly what and how much suits you.

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Alcohol-based cannabis extracts include a dropper for precision dosage and offer a smokeless consumption method. With a diversity of cannabinoids ratios and strength, tinctures satisfy specific conditions. Choose from THC or CBD dominants options, opt between psychoactive or non-psychoactive effects, and with a sublingual application, benefit from quick absorption and effects. Tinctures can be added to foods and beverages.

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Applied directly to the skin, topicals are typically non-intoxicating and have expanded to include lotions, ointments, oils, lubricants, and more. Therapeutic effects can sometimes be fast-acting and sometimes take hours, offering localized relief of pain, inflammation, psoriasis, itching, wounds, contact dermatitis, eczema, and more. Patients are finding success with tropicals in treating rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and headaches.

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Accessories include cones, grinders to break down dense buds into smokable particles, bangers to vaporize cannabis concentrate on a dab rig or bong, and more. Our Thieves Spray offers a fresh, pleasant aroma and is ideal for creating a cleaner indoor environment. Apply to door handles, counters, virtually anywhere, because our sprays are totally safe to use around kids and pets.

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