Cannabis Education

At Sacred Garden, we believe that education is essential for patients to get the most benefit from medical use cannabis. We provide a variety of formal and informal education opportunities so that you can learn more about cannabis’ healing properties, the various strains we grow and use in our products as well how to raise awareness of cannabis’s medicinal value in the larger community.

Patient Education

Sacred Garden offers one-on-one and group education opportunities, such as:

  • Individual consultations with our staff doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Educational seminars, including Cannabis 101

We strive to make our educational resources responsive to your needs and interests. If you have topics you would like our team of consulting physicians to discuss, please contact us.

Consumer Education

Sacred Garden cultivates its own cannabis for dispensing and use in our derivative products. Our producers select and crossbreed strains to enhance the performance of our products. Our patient consultants are knowledgeable about the qualities of each type of flower produced and are happy to help you compare strains to find the THC or CBD products best suited to your needs and preferences.

Community Education

Sacred Garden seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with cannabis use, especially when used as an alternative to medications produced by big pharmaceutical companies. To that end, many of our educational opportunities are not limited to our patients but are open to the public. We also encourage our patients to share the knowledge they learn from Sacred Garden with others. Together, we can break down the barriers between those in need and this natural remedy.