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White Truffle


The White Truffle could truly give any strain a run for its money when it comes to overall bag appeal… as well as aroma, flavor, and effects for that matter! This girl is nothing short of being a total show stopper. Her flowers are almost exclusively a very dark and rich shade of violet that almost looks black because it is so dark…. But it is almost hard to tell the actual colors of the flower underneath the blinding white sparkly layer of resin. The white truffle is most certainly one of the frostiest and eye-popping flowers on the market today, and we are so excited to bring it to the people of New Mexico!

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White Truffle is some of the most aromatic strains on the market to date. If you are a fan of “in your face” gassy, funky weed, then this is the strain for you. Some people find her odors raunchy and overpowering, but for me; I simply can’t think of any better odor profile! Upon opening the jar, the aromas slap your nose and take you for an olfactory ride. Her profile is extremely earthy and gassy, smelling like a mix of coir, leather, petrichor, and rocket fuel. She got the name “White Truffle” because her nose reminded the one who discovered the plant of mushrooms and wet earth, which we can totally understand. Obnoxiously loud!


The Truffle is just as flavorful as she is aromatic, and the flavor perfectly matches her smell. Upon the exhale, the consumer will instantly begin to salivate over the complex mix of gas, chem, burnt rubber and earth. The flavor is so strong that it coats the inside of your mouth, and those wonderful gassy notes will stay on the back of your tongue until you cleanse your pallet. She burns clean, and her flavors are sure to please even the pickiest connoisseurs.


While this strain is technically an Indica variety, her smoke is about as middle of the line as it comes… or she is just so powerful that we can no longer differentiate the effects! The White Truffle is truly some of the most powerful cannabis that we have come across in all of our years of cultivating. Her smoke hits fast, hits hard, and does not let up, making her perfect for users with a high tolerance, or those just looking to completely ruin productivity for the rest of the day. Her smoke is so powerful that I have found some to describe the truffle as being “devastating” and overpowering. She is incredibly psychoactive and strong on the cerebral effects which can be dizzying, confusing, and even anxiety-provoking to those with a lower tolerance, but for the smokers looking for the strongest smoke on the market, they need not look further! Mentally, the effects are completely stupefying, and slow down brain synapses pretty heavily, making the user feel goofy, confused, and a bit loopy. As mentioned before, these strong effects can cause sensitive users anxiety, and even make experienced users ask themselves “Did I ever lock the house????” Outside of that, the Truffle generally makes the user feel sedated, lethargic, and heavy with her strong physical effects. The White Truffle is not the best wake-and-bake bud, but rather a perfect way to wind down after work and call it a day. I find it to be the perfect medicine for pain relief, appetite stimulation, as well as insomnia. Overall I would say that this strain is perfect for somebody who is looking to show off.. either to friends or their own taste buds! The flowers are show-stopping beautiful and are of “centerfold” quality. Aromas and flavors are bold and unique, bringing me back to the Sour Diesel days, and the smoke is out of this world.

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Amazing service!! Excellent quality!! They have happy hour pricing and it is so worth it!! To the young man who helped me and mom today, Sunday afternoon 9/10/2023, thank you!!

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Great products, excellent and compassionate staff who always go the extra mile to make sure you get the right products for you!! The prices are reasonable because a little goes a long way. We don’t feel like patients we feel like family!

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It’s a great space, the customer service is exceptional and the environment is clean! That of course, it’s just a part of it the medical cannabis there is always a high quality and the tenders always steer you in the right direction!

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This has been my favorite dispensary in Santa Fe for years. They have a fantastic selection of products, the bud tenders are savvy and can ring you up or talk with you knowledgeably about how to get the most from your cannabis. They have a rewards program too…

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You gotta stop by Sacred Garden, they grow the best cannabis! Beyond the fact their strains are consistently more potent in THC than any dispensary in New Mexico, it’s the consistently-robust terpene profiles that elevate their flower to another level…

David D
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This is *the* best dispensary in Santa Fe, hands down. It’s super clean and chic, the bud is phenomenal, and don’t even get me *started* on the staff!! All of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, though I will say that Keynan is THE BEST BUD TENDER IN THE STATE….

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