What makes Sacred Garden stand out as a healing institution is expressed in the company slogan: “Nature’s Medicine.” What does this motto mean, and how does Sacred Garden live up to it? While it sounds simple, there is also an intricate network of people working in tandem on many different levels to bring medical cannabis to Sacred Garden patients. Each employee contributes a unique skill-set, allowing Sacred Garden to deliver on the promise of supplying New Mexico with high-grade organic medicine. If you’re curious about what it takes to grow and produce medical cannabis, look no further. Here’s the latest on the practices and philosophies that make Sacred Garden products so exemplary.

To understand our company ethos, consider the first part of the company slogan: nature. Not only is nature our biggest collaborator, but it is also, by and large, our boss. Sacred Garden believes that healing exists in nature. Our core value is a belief in the plant as medicine. So, in order to bring nature’s medicine to humanity, we must play by nature’s rules and prioritize resourcefulness, using sustainably-sourced materials and generating as little waste as possible. With the right tools, gentleness, and respect for the source, we provide the best opportunity for the plant to thrive as a healing outlet. Success hinges upon reverence and love for nature, and our growing practices follow suit. We opt for organic nutrients, organic soil, and coco coir, a natural soil conditioner. We do not use pesticides. As a preventative measure against bugs, plants in the vegetative state are sprayed with essential oils. The integrity of the flower is also preserved through processes of slow drying and curing.

Because Sacred Garden staff is dispersed throughout New Mexico, staff members are encouraged to check out the farm or indoor facility to see how the proverbial “engine” in the backroom runs. Unlike facilities that spray noxious chemicals, Sacred Garden employees will not need to wear heavy-duty suits to visit the indoor facility. Hats, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves will suffice, as all the products used there are safe for humans and animals. The hardest chemical you’ll find is hydrogen peroxide, which is used to sterilize the rooms and mop the floors. Although hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous in high concentrations, our employees wear proper gloves and follow standard operating procedures. Nothing is left out in the way of safety.