Hello Patients and Friends of Sacred Garden…


We have been working hard to continue providing access to safe medicine, while also protecting our patients and staff. Not ideal, I know; we prefer to meet with you one-on-one, to ensure you get the best medicine and delivery methods. So, thank you for your patience as we struggle through these challenging times together. 

What are we doing? We’re encouraging online and phone orders, doing curbside deliveries, and wearing masks and gloves (and that goes for everyone from Harvest to Pre-Rolls to Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, Extracts and more. That’s right, we make products in every single category, as well as grow all our own flower. In addition, we are running ozone generators during the evenings in the store (to kill viruses and bacteria) and quarantining our employees if they are displaying any kind of sickness.

Are we worried about COVID-19? Not too much. It is a generally accepted fact there will be much more damage and deaths related to closure of businesses and stay-at-home orders. I believe all businesses are essential. Essential to our well-being and to a fully functioning society. I do understand and can appreciate not wanting to crash the health care system, but with the fact that Lovelace and St. Vincent’s hospital system just announced major layoffs yesterday, I am not too concerned.

It is important to be kind and compassionate. I have been getting some negative feedback from the people I love the most in the world (partner, daughter, family and friends), saying I have been a real jerk. Heartbreaking, and unfortunately true. It is a real wakeup call for me, because I want to be sweet to the people I love the most, not mean. Why have I been a jerk? Stress. We are frightened by all the messaging on TV, radio, etc., about loss of jobs and businesses, scarcity of resources (anyone else not able to buy rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?), long lines to do even common things, like get groceries, etc. COVID-19 does not deserve so much of our lives. 

What are the silver linings? My sister reminded me of one. She said that she is spending time talking and being with only those who are most important to her in her life. That is a good one. Taking a step back and questioning everything in your life is another. Scary? Can be. We have all gotten so good at distracting ourselves with news, booze, bars, dinners, etc., complaining about family, friends, bad drivers, rude people, etc., etc.  Another silver lining for myself is that I am walking almost every day! No excuses not to take better care of myself, and the guilt factor is way too great, given the lack of the usual distractions at this time.

The most important take-away from all this, for me, is to take care of my health, be kind and compassionate to loved ones and strangers alike and stay positive. We are psychosomatic beings, which means our mental state greatly affects our physical state. There are strong correlations between positivity and good health. We are incredibly powerful beings. We are human beings, not human doings. Once we stop filling our “to do” list and start focusing on the things that bring us joy, then we are doing humanity a great service. 

Take care and be well,

Zeke Shortes

President and Patient, Sacred Garden