Tincture & Topical Tuesday

Often the most forgotten day of the week, crammed in between the busy start and the midway marker, Tuesdays are vital to keeping spirits up.   Take some time to revitalize yourself and your outlook.  What better way than a handcrafted product from Sacred Garden’s ever growing tincture and topical lines.  Introducing Tincture and Topical Tuesdays, where you can find these unique products discounted 10% off all day with select products at 25% and 50% off. So take some time for a little self healing, after all we still have most of the week to get through. 

Not sure what a tincture is?  In terms of cannabis, it is the dissolution of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD into alcohol or another carrier oil such as coconut or sunflower oil.  We offer all these options and more including THC/CBD ratioed products and herbal blends that treat anything from PTSD to Sleeplessness and everything in between.

Topicals on the other hand can be a really great way to relieve pain immediately.  We offer beeswax salves, rich lotions and deep tissue massage oils all to address your specific needs. We also carry an array of sweet bath bombs, fine soap, amazing lube and other body care products in store.

Ever wanted to know more about the medicinal benefits of these amazing healing products?  Tuesdays can be a great day to take some time with your budtender and find what is right for you.

All our products are developed and produced in-house by our herbalist in Santa Fe, where our company got its start.  Wholly organic, these healing medicines use the finest cannabis and locally sourced herbs.  We even have an herb garden on site.  

More than just cannabis, Sacred Garden takes a whole body approach that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

Check back next week as we explore more awesome deals and even more Sacred products.  


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