Like a freshly-pruned plant, eager to yield in the rich New Mexican sun, Sacred Garden is making big changes to product manufacturing in order to grow into the future!

Starting now through early 2022, SG will be discontinuing a range of in-house products, and positioning those resources to effectively increase flower production and specific products for patient and recreational demand.

“We’re focusing on what people want, our most popular products such as flower, pre-rolls, extracts, select edibles, tinctures and topicals,” asserts Kent Little, Sacred Garden’s General Manager, “while still offering third party choices that complete our line-up of cannabis products.”

Sacred Garden currently offers only Bloom cartridges as a third party product, but looks to expand that selection through future partnerships with New Mexico growers and manufacturers.

What people want is definitely flower: nearly 70% of all revenue generated annually. “It saddens us to move away from being fully vertically-integrated,” laments Zeke Shortes, Sacred Garden Founder and President, “but focusing on increased production of our award-winning flower and our most popular products will strengthen us, ensuring Sacred Garden’s long-term viability in the marketplace as New Mexico’s Premier Cannabis Producer.”

Some of the first items to be discontinued will be Sacred Garden Big Rigs (lolly pops), chocolate coins and candy gems. But don’t worry too much if a product you’ve enjoyed is going away for now, because all the beloved Sacred Garden recipes are going into the vault, and from time-to-time will reappear as a limited offering.

“We’re confident our knowledgeable patient care consultants will be able to suggest alternative cannabis products our patients will love just as well,” believes Little.

Founded in 2010, Sacred Garden is one of the original New Mexico Medical Cannabis producers and has five locations statewide, including Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Ruidoso.

15 responses to “GROWING INTO THE FUTURE

  1. I hope you will continue with the “edible chocolates”, I have Lupus and Sjogren’s and the chocolates help me rest, especially at night, and help with anxiety. I sincerely hope that the “medical cannabis” will remain strong for those of us who use it for “health issues”. Thank you for making great products.

    1. We have a wide variety of options similar to caps like tinctures, but our edibles are great for patients who don’t want to smoke flower. Ask your patient care consultant to go over options. Happy Holidays

    1. We love it too, unfortunately not enough people do for us to be able to continue making it. We’re working hard to ensure most of our discontinued products are supplanted with trusted third-party brands. We apologize for the inconvenience. Happy Holidays!

  2. Guess I won’t be coming there anymore. I drove 2 hours to get to your place and your getting rid of what looks like a huge amount of items.
    What will be left for people who don’t smoke or vape.

      1. This looks like a lot of product being discontinued are truly for medical patients and indica heavy products. I feel like this is a slippery slope to pushing medical patients away. More profit with recreational perhaps. IDK. I have multiple medical conditions and this makes me feel lost again. I already find many budtenders offer no real solid guidance excluding most SG staff and this will not incentivize them to help medical patients.

  3. I’m deeply upset about the edibles. Not all medicinal patients can smoke or even take tinctures. I’m so disappointed and truly bummed and anxious about this. In addition sativa causes anxiety to increase as do hybrids. Older patients require indica so we don’t have to take addictive anti anxiety meds. Feels like it’s about the profit, no the person.

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