Super Saturday

Spring has sprung! Happy Super Saturday, it was worth the wait.  Finally a day to take your time and explore all of Sacred Gardens different ways to medicate.  No other day is it so easy to save, just wear your favorite Sacred Gear and receive 10% off everything in our stores – just because you look so great!

Order online, by phone, or just come in, but be sure to wear one of our hats, a shirt, bandana, fishing or motorcycle gear, anything Sacred Garden to get your awesome deal. Yes we really have made our way into every type of wearable branded item so while you’re’ here check out all the new and awesome locally designed gear.

So why Saturday? We want all our customers to feel like a community and what other day for family and friends to get together, wear what they want and to take the time to chat about cannabis.

From tinctures to topicals, edibles, pre-rolls and some killer buds too, we sure do have lots to talk about.  Hope to see you on Saturday or any day and let’s have a conversation.

Stay safe, healthy and on the lookout for more from the Sacred Garden blog as we delve deeper into our ever growing product line.

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