What’s the Difference Between Smoking Weed and Eating Edibles?

Not long ago, if someone wanted to get high from marijuana, he or she would traditionally smoke it—usually in a joint, pipe, or bong.

Nowadays, due to the proliferation of weed edibles, people no longer have to smoke pot but can instead nibble on a piece of cake, candy, or even a spoonful of hummus.

If you are wondering if there is any difference between smoking weed and eating edibles—for instance, in relation to an edible high versus a bong high—consider the following:

Which One Is Stronger, Smoking or Eating Edibles?

In the edibles versus smoking debate, most people have one key question: Which one will get you higher? As 420Intel.com notes (1), edibles are the clear winner. They certainly seem to be stronger than smoking pot, in terms of how your body feels and how they are processed. To get technical for a minute, when you eat something with marijuana in it, half of the THC will be converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a more powerful version of THC. So if you are wondering if you can get high from eating weed, the answer is a definite “Yes.”

How Long Do Edibles Last?

In general, when you smoke pot, the effects will be felt fairly quickly and the high will be over and done with much faster than with edibles. Because of the way edibles are metabolized in the body, the effect may take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to be felt, and then you will feel high for several hours. Of course, your results may vary based on what types of edibles you are eating, but most people report a much stronger effect from eating weed.

Because the effects of edibles can take so long to kick in, you might be tempted to think, “This candy isn’t doing anything for me” and consume more. However, it is crucial to refrain from consuming extra pieces until you feel the effects of your first dose. Accidentally consuming too much can lead to a very overwhelming high that is incredibly unpleasant. It would be wise to exercise both caution and patience when eating edibles.

Are Edibles Healthier Than Smoking Weed?

Even if you like the faster and shorter-lasting high that usually comes with smoking pot, you can’t argue with the fact that smoking anything is bad for your health. Granted, you can now choose an alternative like vaping that may be a bit healthier, but you are still introducing something other than fresh air into your lungs.

If you are concerned about the health effects smoking can have on your body, edibles are probably the safer option. Also, for health-conscious people who are trying to cut back on sugar, you don’t have to rely on the stereotypical pot brownie or cookie to get high.

These days, it is quite possible to transform a number of tasty and low-carb healthy dishes into an edible—everything from the aforementioned hummus to quinoa salad or cannabis butter that is melted and poured over popcorn. As a side note, for those who wish to enjoy their cannabis without their roommates or family members knowing, edibles are probably the best option.

While making your own edibles can be an aromatic process, if you are buying them at a dispensary, you can get high without filling your home with the classic “Uncle Skunk” smell of burning pot.

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