New Year started with a bang when a law was passed that made the recreational use of marijuana legal. Most of us, along with a few chemists were left in the dark because we were still getting accustomed to medical marijuana.

Yes, two decades ago, when medical marijuana was legalized, people rejoiced because it meant terminally ill patients could live a few years longer. If you look at the history, marijuana has never been considered a sin in the state of California. Even in 1996, marijuana was being used for recreational purposes. The hush-hush and its use on the down low was still going on but between the years 2006 and 2015, around half a million people were arrested for either smoking or possessing marijuana. Amongst these, a large population of Latino and Black Californians were arrested.

So, if you think about it, legalizing marijuana for recreational purpose is not a go-ahead stamp for an industry that is already doing quite well but a disaster waiting to happen that will impact California’s criminal justice system, the economy and the workers who are in the supply chain department.

Here a few rules that will be imposed on businesses that will trade marijuana:

  • Businesses have to be 600 ft away from schools
  • All shops must have 24 hours surveillance
  • Shops must close by 10 P.M.

Only 90 stores in California were given the license to open their cannabis business. Most of these are located in Santa Cruz, San Diego, Palm Springs and San Francisco Bay. While people are still calling the law bogus and believe restrictions will be imposed on this so-called recreational purpose, the federal government will continue to classify marijuana as an illegal substance.

However, the 276 pages of regulation states that adults aged 21 and older can smoke pot, they can grow only 6 plants and posses just one ounce of marijuana. While driving, smoking is still illegal and if found in the open, will have consequences for the driver.

Unintended Consequences?

So, what is it we should be worried about or more accurately, California should be worried about?

Due to this legalization, authorities will have to remain on high alert because this liberal attitude in regard to the drug can create problems like stoned drivers, frequent accidents, increase in the number of misdemeanors and much more. This move will impact the young generation the most because millennials who are under pressure from work, studies and at home will try to get their hands on it just to relieve some tension.

It will also increase policing cost and market will rise up as fees and taxes can raise the pot’s retail price by 70%. California’s Police Association believes that this will not only cost the public’s health but public’s safety too.

The problem is once Cannabis starts getting distributed legally; there will be a shortage in production that will lead to illegal sale on the black market, as well as attempts at trying to get it in the US from across the border. There are so many scenarios that can play out badly that it is hard to determine whether this legalization was a beneficial idea or not.