One for Now and Nine More for Later!


Prerolls are the ultimate convenience, and most of us are always attempting to opt for preroll packs that are well-made, high quality, and reasonably priced, for starters. Cannabis brands such as Sacred Garden have upped their preroll game and the proof is in the numbers. Patients in New Mexico, spend most of their medicinal budgets on prerolls in 2020 alone, according to industry analytic reports. Keeping that in mind, Sacred Garden has given one of our most popular products a “face lift” and new look. These new boxes are extremely durable and can be reused and keep your pre-rolls nice, fresh and available for your convenience. You can find multiple strains in our .5g Pinners or our 1g Jumbos in all Sacred Garden locations. 

Just ask your local “Sacred budtender”!


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