Sacred Garden is taking yet another step toward sustainability and protecting the health of our patients. We have already begun launching sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging, cultivate in a method that reduces water usage and waste water, and grow 90% of cannabis in greenhouses—reducing potential electricity use by 75%. 

Sacred Garden is on the move.

On the move to using as many organic ingredients as possible. Why not all ingredients? Some, like baking soda, do not have an organic option. 

But wait, aren’t organic ingredients more expensive? Most products will stay at the same price or be adjusted a modest amount. 

So…why go organic? Is it that much healthier for you? Definitely there are ingredients and foods that can hold pesticides, and a food is not organic if it is a GMO (genetically modified organism). I don’t know if GMO’s are bad for us. But I prefer to eat food that has not been created in a lab. How about you? We have seen the damage pharmaceuticals—all created in a lab—can do to the human body, especially with long-term use. 

Any other reasons to go organic?

The environment! “Big agricultural” promotes monoculture as well as synthetic nutrients and systemic pesticides that are not safe for human consumption. All these nutrients and pesticides are then washed downstream into our groundwater, creating toxic situations for our drinking water and water ways. This kills fish and wildlife, and eventually leaves our soil sterile and damaged, sometimes requiring decades (or more) to repair.