How Medical Marijuana Helps Subside Nausea

The use of marijuana to relieve pain and nausea has been a hot topic in medical science. Even when there is a good amount of evidence for its medical uses, its practice still raises big questions.

Are the benefits strong enough to allow the use of marijuana in medical practice?

There must be some reason as to why doctors prescribe cannabinoids to their patients, right? Insight into the science behind its medical benefits can give us a greater understanding of how there is no harm in consuming marijuana in safe amounts.

The best proven use of medical marijuana has been for chronic pain, as confirmed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Cannabis is in fact most commonly used as an effective treatment for deep, prolonged pain in the body.

Medical Marijuana for Nausea in Cancer and AIDS Patients

Perhaps the most notable benefit of this controversial drug is relieving nausea in cancer and AIDS patients.

The onset of cancer usually leads to extremely harsh chemotherapy, which takes a painful toll on the body. The person ends up losing all their hair and turns into a frail mess. The treatment can often trigger nausea and vomiting in the body.

Luckily, medical marijuana can help these unpleasant symptoms subside in cancer patients. Several studies have shown how administering marijuana can significantly reduce bouts of nausea in patients.

A shot of cannabinoids feels like mercy at the end of a brutal chemotherapy. While marijuana is still under debate, cancer patients readily opt for this drug because it truly provides them with instant relief.

In fact, many cancer patients prefer marijuana over other painkillers to treat their troubles. According to a review that was carried out in 2001 that comprised over 1,300 patients, marijuana was found to be more effective than other drug treatments for treating chemo-related sickness.

As far as HIV/AIDS patients are concerned, medical marijuana can help them adhere to their therapy by effectively subduing the nausea symptoms, keeping them from seeking treatment. Patients who consumed the drug were found to have a healthy weight and didn’t lose their appetite as a result of the medical treatment.

How Does Medical Marijuana Work?

The reason why medical marijuana is a proven treatment for nausea has to do with the brain. There are certain areas of the brain with cannabinoid receptors, which are linked to reduced vomiting and nausea symptoms in patients.

THC is the main component for the eased symptoms. It travels throughout the body and helps regulate several bodily functions. When the cannabinoid receptors are activated, they instantly start suppressing vomiting and nausea in the body.

While the research on medical marijuana is still limited, who knows, this drug could pave the way for more innovations in medical practice! For further reading, check out the benefits of CBD oil and your health here.

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