Medical Cannabis in New Mexico

In March 2007, The medical cannabis program was voted into law in New Mexico as the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, to provide relief to those with debilitating medical conditions, and ensure the safe possession and use of cannabis by those patients and their caregivers. This law removed all state-level criminal penalties on the use and possession of cannabis by patients and created a state program for registering and regulating medical cannabis.

The law also created a patient registry. The New Mexico Department of Health is in charge of licensing medical cannabis providers and issuing medical cannabis cards to patients on the registry. It can seem like a complicated process to obtain a medical cannabis card, but it is actually fairly streamlined.

First, to qualify for the medical cannabis card you must be a New Mexico state resident, with a doctor’s diagnosis and cannabis recommendation (doctors cannot prescribe it legally) for one of the 21 qualifying conditions on the state’s list.

Once you have a diagnosis for a qualifying condition, and your doctor’s cannabis recommendation, you bring this documentation into the New Mexico Department of Health with a completed application for enrollment in the state program. Once you’ve submitted your application, it usually takes about 30 days for the state to approve or deny it.

Once your application has been approved, and you receive your Medical Cannabis Card, you are allowed to possess up to eight ounces of flower in a 90 day period, and cultivate up to 16 plants in your home or garden.

You will then be able to purchase your medical cannabis, as well as a wide variety of cannabis products, at one of the many medical cannabis dispensaries located in the state. A good dispensary will be able to give you expert advice on what kinds of strains and products to use, and how to dose correctly to get the most effective relief. From delicious chocolate fudge brownies to alcohol-based tinctures, there is a wide variety of high quality and high potency cannabis products.

Having a medical cannabis card gives you the freedom to benefit from medical cannabis products, while also staying within the law.