Can Marijuana Help With Anxiety?

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety?

Despite many completed and ongoing studies in recent years, the question of whether marijuana helps quell anxiety has not been adequately answered. There is still a lot of controversy over marijuana and whether it is harmful or beneficial. Of course, the fact that it is still illegal on the federal level in the U.S. makes it difficult to do the necessary research, although some concessions have been made to make further research possible. That being said, some compelling arguments suggest that the main components of marijuana, CBD and THC, do more good than harm. Does weed help with anxiety? Let’s look at some of the arguments.

It Depends On the Person — Everyone Is Different

Some studies have shown that, for some people, weed can actually cause or increase their anxiety. There can be several reasons for this, as no two people are exactly alike and will not therefore respond to certain treatments in exactly the same way. The increased anxiety in some users can be attributed, in part, to the way they feel about using a substance that is essentially illegal. They may become paranoid, thinking that they could get into serious trouble for using weed, and, in some cases, they actually can.

Failing a drug test for employment can be humiliating—not to mention that you won’t get the job you applied for, only adding to your anxiety. Going to jail is a horrifying prospect for most people, especially people with children, and the potential for losing custody of those children will also increase a person’s anxiety. The legal and emotional toll exacted if some harm befalls your child, either because you were impaired while you were using, can also increase anxiety in a lot of people. Making matters worse, there remains a societal stigma associated with using weed for any reason. So, using weed to combat one form of anxiety may increase other forms of anxiety.

The Chemical Properties THC and CBD Have Helped Many Illnesses and Conditions

Conversely, there are some studies that show that THC and CBD work together with elements in the brain to combat the symptoms of many illnesses, including epilepsy, cancer, and many forms of anxiety. Some studies have shown improved sleep habits for patients with anxiety. This is significant, because insomnia is one of the more prevalent symptoms of some forms of anxiety.

The accepted theory is that a little could go a long way, meaning that in moderation, weed or products made from weed could help some anxiety sufferers. Also, the argument that CBD products are more helpful than THC products or whole plant use has gained momentum in recent years. The biggest problem with the available research is that it is incomplete. There are many variables to consider, such as the type of anxiety a person has, as well as questions about the products used. For example, how the base plant was grown, what was used in production, the methods of extraction, and what elements have been added to the finished products all play a role in determining its efficacy.

So, does weed help with anxiety? That is the question of the hour, and we are still far from a reliable answer. The best thing you can do is ask your doctor and do your own research. Make sure you know as much about the product you plan to use as you can, including how it was produced and what else is in it. If you decide to treat your anxiety with marijuana or weed based products, get as much information as you can and start slowly. Keep careful notes about the effects of what you use, and be cautious with your use of the products. If it is the right treatment for you it will decrease your anxiety, rather than increase it.

For more insight, see how Medical Marijuana may be the better choice over prescription drugs.

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