Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Marijuana?

Vaping has become all the rage, especially in the last few years. Marijuana can be smoked through a vape, and many say that it is much healthier than smoking the bud. So, is vaping safer than smoking marijuana? Here are some of the main differences between smoking and vaping.

A Greater High

When it comes to how much of the marijuana you are actually smoking, vaping will give you the best bang for your buck. This is because it combusts less of the plant, meaning you use less while getting high. Regularly smoking marijuana is inefficient, and a lot of the plant is lost when you combust it.

Less Heat and Irritation

The jury is still out on whether smoking marijuana is linked to cancer. However, it is known that smoking anything can hurt the tissue in your mouth and throat. One of the ways vaping differs from smoking is that it uses lower overall temperatures. This means that while you vape, you are less likely to cough or get the sore throat that is often associated with the activity of smoking. Vaping will lessen any irritation.

Fewer Carcinogens

You’ve probably heard of carcinogens in regard to cigarettes. However, carcinogens are also a threat when it comes to smoking marijuana. These harmful substances are released as the marijuana is burned. Although their effects are not directly known, it is likely that they are not beneficial for your body. These carcinogens include Toluene, Naphthalene, and Benzene.

Again, there has not been a ton of research on the subject. There have been studies suggesting that using a vape to consume marijuana can help filter out toxins like these and can lead to an overall safer, healthier smoking experience.

Easier to Breathe

Another benefit of using a vape for marijuana is that it makes it easier to breathe. Traditionally, the user has to take deep breaths when consuming the substance. Mixed with high heats, this leads to discomfort, coughing, a burning sensation in the throat, etc.

With a vape, one can inhale small puffs of air. This makes it both easier to breathe and less harmful for the throat. Although the difference is aimed more toward convenience than health, it makes the smoking experience more bearable and easier on the body.

So, to sum it up, is vaping safer than smoking marijuana? Vaping has a definite upper hand. Unfortunately, not enough research has been done on the subject to really understand all the benefits and pitfalls of each.

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