Is Edible Cannabis Right For You?

Medical Marijuana has made a lot of claims since it has entered the market of medicine.

One such claim is that edible cannabis is more effective in comparison to smoked cannabis. However, the real question is whether the edible cannabis is suitable for you. There are many factors that make edible cannabis a preferred choice for many patients.

1.    It is Safer

Research has shown that consuming cannabis is beneficial for the lungs as no carbon is inhaled along with the medicine. Therefore, edible cannabis products are much safer in comparison to the ones that are inhaled.

Although the inhaled marijuana has no negative effects on the lungs, the carbon inhaled along with it can cause some damage, edibles offer a damage free alternative with the same medical benefit.

2.    It has Fewer Side Effects

Many times, people believe that consuming marijuana edibles will cause them strong feelings of anxiety or paranoia. However, that is not the case. This reaction is often caused by the uncertainty of trying edible cannabis for the first time. Should this fear manifest itself when trying an edible for the first time, rest assured that as you begin using it regularly, these effects will subside quickly.

3.    It Works in Appropriate Time

Smoked cannabis works almost instantly. It lasts for about 30 minutes or an hour on average and then its effects begin to wear off. This can make the patient irritable and lead to heavier use. However, edible cannabis generally lasts around 6 hours before beginning to wear off. This means the patient can enjoy a lasting effect and lower consumption of the medication overall.

Edible cannabis comes in a variety of delivery options, each with their own effects.

1.    Oral Effect

Edible cannabis products that begin working as soon as they are in your mouth, such as gum, tinctures, and suckers, are known as edibles with oral effects. These edibles provide fast-acting effects and generally last for 2 to 3 hours.

2.    Gastrointestinal Effect

Edible cannabis products that begin working when they break down in your intestines fall under the gastrointestinal effect category. These include brownies, cookies, and other snacks infused with cannabis. These edibles have a delayed effect, due to the need for digestion to take place, and generally last at least 6 hours.

3.    Hybrid Effect

Hybrid products, such as chocolates or drinks, work both in the mouth and in the intestines. These edibles provide fast-acting relief while still providing long-term effects.


Edible cannabis can be efficiently used for a number of ailments. Let’s have a look at some of the common symptoms and diseases that can be relieved through edible cannabis.

1.    Nausea

Any patient suffering from nausea can find quick and efficient relief with the help of edible cannabis. Each patient can benefit from a different type of edible depending on the severity of nausea they experience.

2.    Crohn’s Disease

Edibles work best for people with Crohn’s disease since this disease is linked directly to the intestines. Since edible cannabis begins working in the stomach, patients with this disease begin to feel relief quickly.


Medical Marijuana has been legalized in many states and with research, its benefits are becoming more and more evident. If you live in Santa Fe NM, come visit Sacred Garden for the best edibles in town. Visit us and improve your health today!


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