How Medical Marijuana Lessens the Effects of Chronic Pain

Chronic pains can be the outcome of any disease. They can also trouble anyone after sustaining an injury or undergoing a surgical procedure. For that matter, many different painkillers have been introduced in the conventional medicinal field. But then again, like any other medicine, painkillers reduce the pain for some time, but also introduce many side effects.

Therefore, patients reeling from excruciating chronic pain look for some alternative methods to alleviate their condition. Medical marijuana is one of those harmless alternatives that have been used by many people to lessen their chronic pain.

Use of medical marijuana to reduce the suffering of chronic pain is also substantiated by a couple of studies that we are going to discuss here.

A Clinical Study

Recently, a clinical trial was conducted in which 21 adults participated. These men and women were suffering from chronic nerve pain. The trial went on for three months where researchers used three medical marijuana strains with different THC concentrations and a placebo.

The researchers found out that medical marijuana with the highest percentage (9.4) of THC lessened the chronic nerve pain in the patients under trial. It is worth noting that even the weakest adult-use marijuana contains more than 15 percent of THC. It shows that even a high-potency medical marijuana product doesn’t inculcate any significant psychoactive sensations. Hence, patients don’t experience any ‘high’ after the administration of medical marijuana.

Cannabinoids Engage Pain Receptors of Peripheral Nerves

It has been studied that cannabinoids present in medical marijuana can help in suppressing the nerve activity responsible to induce the sensation of pain. Pain detection is conducted by peripheral nerves. Receptors present on peripheral nerves can bind many cannabinoid molecules present in medical marijuana. This action actually results in the lessening of chronic pain because these receptors get occupied with cannabinoids and therefore pain signals can’t be relayed to the higher centers of the brain.


Since both THC and CBD are a part of medical marijuana, therefore it is advised to use the concentrates available with both of these cannabinoids.  A certified physician can guide you better in this regard.  However, there are certain points that should be kept in mind regarding medical marijuana for chronic pain management.

  • Indica subtype of marijuana is mostly used to develop medicines used for chronic pain management.
  • It has also been studied that concentrates with both THC and CBD are more effective than the ones with only the former cannabinoid.
  • If you are administrating medical marijuana in daytime during working hours, then CBD-based MMJ products are more suitable to consume.
  • Medical marijuana products derived from sativa strains are usually used to treat unrelieved headaches and neuropathic pains.
  • It’s also important to test the odor of the medical marijuana you are going to use. For chronic pain management, products with a tinge of sweetness are considered good.

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