High THC Medicine? Is it right for me?

High THC content can sometimes get a bad rap. Sometimes from within cannabis culture but more often from without, there’s a stigma that high THC products are designed solely for intoxication. This is not the case. In fact, THC is a safe and effective pain reliever and pending the condition, many patients find relief from higher doses.

A study at our very own University of New Mexico has shown that high THC flower assists in pain relief to a greater extent than other forms of cannabis medicine. Participants who sampled buds with high THC content experienced the most significant relief. Of course, other properties of the flower, such as terpenes and flavonoids, were found to work synergistically with the THC to produce the analgesic effects. Most importantly, the researchers found THC to be a safe treatment for pain.

Some patients seek out high THC flower in place of concentrates, because it is better for their financial situation or preferred methods of delivery. Other patients prefer small doses of products with high THC levels. For instance, if such patients purchase a Twax Jumbo Joint, they can make that same joint last the entire week, dosing in small amounts as needed.

And on that note, we’re happy to share that Sacred Garden has just produced caviar, the high THC delicacy of the cannabis world. To make caviar, a bud gets dipped in hash oil, whereby it absorbs a layer of the extract and is finally rolled in kief. This sacred ritual is only conducted every so often; like caviar, this rare treat in stores this week. We have also made a 710mg Canna Krispie Treat available as well.

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