Going Organic - A Sacred Story

To be or not to be organic? Here at Sacred Garden the answer is a resounding yes! Sacred is returning to the basics in an effort to make all our edibles organic just like nature intended. That is why today we would like to introduce our all new Naturally Organic Edibles, made exclusively by us, for you.

From seed to sugar, all our production is now fully organic and we can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to share with all our patients. Nurtured by our grow staff, all Sacred Cannabis is organic and now we can say the same for all our awesome and tasty treats. With an all new kitchen up in Santa Fe, our baking team is working hard to bring unparalleled quality and exceptional new takes on classic cannabis confections. Still not sold? Well here are a few reasons why organic doesn’t just sound great, it is a whole new world of awesome:

Organic is Safe & Healthy
Avoiding all inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, Sacred is committed to producing cannabis that exceeds the expectations of our patients.

Organic Builds Future Generations
Sacred is committed to growing in New Mexico. With over 70 staff and four locations statewide our goal is to help out the local community.

Organic is Better for the Environment
Growing fast, Sacred now has full indoor and greenhouse facilities designed to maximize our quantity and quality while leaving a minimal footprint on the natural landscape.

Organic Tastes Better
Fresh flavor is a must. Organic edibles don’t contain chemical flavors or coloring. Now come try these tasty confections, ready to enjoy right away, anytime of day.

Organic is life. Organic is health. Organic is everything we need. Naturally Organic Sacred Edibles are now available at all our locations

It’s been a wild ride getting here, but now more than ever Sacred Garden is here for your health and well being, naturally flavored and all.

Blog Post by: Steven Luthy

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