Edibles - Too much? Not enough?

There are many ways to consume cannabis, all of which have varying degrees of popularity. Edibles are particularly inviting, both in the alternative they offer to smoking and their sugary delectability. Edible marijuana has been around for a while now, and cannabis lovers have hit their stride with dosing, but there have been plenty of growing pains. It’s a common story. Someone eats a brownie and gets so intoxicated that they fear for their lives. Maybe you’ve experienced such unpleasantness firsthand. When taken properly, however, edibles are a choice delivery system.

You actually absorb more THC by smoking weed than by eating it, but an edible experience is often more potent. A larger portion of THC makes it to the liver in a shorter amount of time, at which point it is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, a highly psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the overwhelming high attributed to edibles. This abundance of 11-hydroxy-THC is why edibles can feel like a different kind of high altogether. Of course, there are other factors that determine how much you should eat. Always chat with budtenders at your local dispensary to determine the safest dose for you. One rule of thumb is to nibble; rarely should you eat an entire cookie all at once.

By sharing information about proper dosing, we can prevent people from eating too much, too fast, so they can enjoy all that edibles have to offer. Speaking of which, Sacred Garden produces plenty of edibles to satisfy any preference, whether you are a foodie in search of gourmet baked goods like truffles or lemon cake, or you just want to feel the effects by swallowing a capsule.

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