COVID - 19 Update

Good day to all of our loyal patients,

Yesterday, a local publication in doing all of the necessary due diligence, mentioned Sacred Garden in a list of retailers that have reported positive COVID cases in their place of business. See below:

A slew of Santa Fe retailers have reported employees testing positive over the past couple of weeks, including H&M, Hobby Lobby, Massage Envy and even the Sacred Garden medical cannabis dispensary.

While we appreciate our media outlets and maintain amicable relationships with them, oftentimes (especially in our industry), information can be unintentionally skewed or incorrect. We felt the need to respond to this, so our loyal patients and Santa Fe County community members know the details of our unfortunate and now rectified situation with COVID 19.

Although we did have one employee test positive, this employee did not work in our dispensary, rather in one of the kitchen manufacturing facilities. This is a closed kitchen facility that is in a remote location, far away from our dispensary location in Santa Fe. When the head of manufacturing for that facility was told about the positive results, he had already closed the kitchen down for the weekend. In a continued effort to follow the rules and implement safe practices for our employees and staff, we immediately re-sanitized the entire facility. They contacted the OSHA State Environment Department and Department of Health to notify them. This facility was then closed and quarantined for the required time period. We recently reopened the facility 14 days later, making it the full 14 day quarantine for our facility.

We have always focused on health, wellness and not being fearful of being sick. This is why we have products that enrich and encourage our immune systems. Several of our employees and patients utilize these products regularly and therefore have always been conscious of their bodies potential deficiencies. We try to encourage everyone that has a medical cannabis card or is interested in the CBD products we offer to check out those tincture and topical products to learn more about what it is we do at Sacred Garden. We are confident that any of our employees or patients that use our products for their daily regiments will have a positive outcome when battling COVID, and believe that these products and lifestyle could have played a role in the recovery and non-hospitalization of the employee who did test positive, but recovered very quickly.

We appreciate all of you and please feel free to reach out to anyone at Sacred Garden for more information.

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