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Sacred Garden Committed to Remedy 'Testing Issue' on Two Recent Cannabis Strains SANTA FE: Sacred Garden Dispensary acted responsively on...
Sacred Garden Lowers Prices on Flower!
In appreciation of our patients and in recognition of the ongoing difficulty to afford good medicine, Sacred Garden's flower prices...
Like a freshly-pruned plant, eager to yield in the rich New Mexican sun, Sacred Garden is making big changes to...
What is CBG
Look for our CBG Dark Chocolate Bars and Tinctures in stores in the weeks to come. But wait?!? What the...
The Greeenhouse 10.1.21
    It's a new season, so treat yourself to a new look! Turn heads this Fall and save a...
Sacred Site! Sacred Garden Launches New Website.
  Gotta love that new site smell! If you've visited us online recently, you may have noticed our amazing NEW...
CBD products are back in Sacred Garden stores. The widespread popularity of CBD may leave people wondering what this compound...
SG’s Philosophy and Growing Practice
What makes Sacred Garden stand out as a healing institution is expressed in the company slogan: “Nature’s Medicine.” What does...
A Letter From the Sacred Garden President - Zeke Shortes
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