High THC Medicine? Is it right for me?
High THC content can sometimes get a bad rap. Sometimes from within cannabis culture but more often from without, there’s...
Edibles - Too much? Not enough?
There are many ways to consume cannabis, all of which have varying degrees of popularity. Edibles are particularly inviting, both...
9 Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Topicals
By: Rachel Garland You’ve probably heard that cannabis topicals are great for your skin, but did you know they could...
CannaRoot Salve
As champions of full-spectrum plant medicine, Sacred Garden uses the entire plant to produce medicinal products, including the roots! For...
Can Edible Marijuana Help With Pain Relief?
Nobody wants to put up with pain for too long. And not many of us want to be on strong...
Medical Marijuana May Be A Better Choice Over Prescriptions
No matter which ailment you...
How Medical Marijuana Lessens the Effects of Chronic Pain
Chronic pains can be the outcome of any disease. They can also trouble anyone after sustaining an injury or undergoing...
Pain Management Using Medical Marijuana
In the majority of the countries and states where the use of medical marijuana has been legalized, it is mostly...

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