Like a freshly-pruned plant, eager to yield in the rich New Mexican sun, Sacred Garden is making big changes to...
The Legends of 710
The Legends of 710 By Steven Luthy What if the greatest mystery in all the world of cannabis was solved,...
Looking for new delivery methods? Try one of our many tinctures!
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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Las Cruces?
There are about 70,000 legally certified medical marijuana users in New Mexico. To purchase medical marijuana, you must have a...
What Is Medical Marijuana – A Drug Or A Life Saver?
For centuries, marijuana has been used by people all over the world for many purposes. Its main use has predominantly...
Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana
The reasons and contentions for legalizing marijuana have been a debatable topic for too long now. There are groups of...
Is Medical Cannabis Right for You?
For thousands of years, Cannabis has been used by many cultures for its vast healing properties. This sacred, plant based...

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