For thousands of years, Cannabis has been used by many cultures for its vast healing properties. This sacred, plant based medicine is legally available in 28 states including New Mexico. With 21 covered medical conditions including PTSD, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, Hospice, Epilepsy, ALS, and others NM has one of the most expansive medical programs in the country. In addition, many people with anxiety, insomnia, and stress use cannabis as a natural relief. Cannabis is also effective for some to enhance their focus and creativity.

The NM medical cannabis program currently has 34,000 patients enrolled, which grows at a rate of about 600 per week. More and more people are casting aside the outdated misconceptions and stigmas associated with cannabis and turning away from expensive pharmaceuticals with their negative side effects to embrace the natural healing properties of this vibrant plant. The fastest growing segment of the population using medical cannabis is age 55 plus. As Baby Boomers age they are looking for ways to enhance their enjoyment of life while managing chronic disease and alleviating the aches and pains of aging.

Using cannabis is more accessible than ever before. For people who don’t like to smoke, edibles in the form of baked goods, candies, drinks and honey are enjoyable ways to take the medicine. In addition, there are a variety of tinctures, creams, and salves to help with pain relief and reduce inflammation. For the high tech crowd, vaporizing (vaping) the flower or hash oil has become a favorite way to consume. For the old school folks smoking the flower is still very popular.

Entering the world of medical cannabis can be overwhelming. How do I get a medical card? How do I learn what products are right for the conditions I’m trying to relieve? Indica, Sativa, wax, tincture, flower, THC, CBD what do they all mean and how should I choose? This is where a licensed dispensary like Sacred Garden comes in. Sacred Garden has been serving patients for 7 years answering questions like these and supplying the highest quality products with compassion, knowledge and a smile. Our passionate staff of informed cannabis geeks led by Zeke Shortes our visionary founder and president has built “The Garden” into one of the leading dispensaries in the state.

Among patients, Sacred Garden is known for serving a wide range of high-quality products and providing an exceptional customer experience. In fact, 90% of the products we offer are produced in house. We grow a variety of aromatic, potent strains of cannabis flower to choose from. Our very popular, delicious edible treats include:
candies, gummy bears, brownies, cookies, and beverages. We have a full line of medicated topical salves for pain relief. There are over a dozen tinctures to treat various ailments incorporating essential oils, mushrooms, gemstones and other herbs that work synergistically with cannabis. We also have a line of CBD products used for its calming, anti inflammatory effects which can be purchased by the general public without a medical card.

Is medical cannabis right for you? We invite you to call, visit our website or come in to learn more. You can also schedule a time to receive an evaluation to be certified for a medical card by our licensed physician on staff. We look forward to serving you.